Join the Ultimate Plank Challenge! Work Your Abs and Build Explosive Power with Plyometric Planks

Jennifer DeCurtins is challenging you to the #UltimatePlankChallenge. Are you ready to try a plank-a-day in May?! Get started!

Want a stronger core and some accountability? Join me for the #UltimatePlankChallenge. I’m hosting this challenge for the month of May that features 31 bodyweight plank exercises from my book Ultimate Plank Fitness. My goal for this challenge is for you to improve your core strength. Day 1 and 31 are maximum plank holds so you can track your progress. Weekly signed book giveaways and an end of challenge prize pack from sponsor @premierprotein. To enter, tag some friends to complete the challenge with you and repost this image! During the challenge you’ll post the plank of the day, tag @jdecurtins and @premierprotein and use hashtag #UltimatePlankChallenge. I’ll be posting daily videos with instructions, modifications and tips! Who’s going to plank with me in May!?

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SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate


This plyometric plank requires you to jump the feet from full plank to the outside of the elbows and back to the full plank.


Start the exercise in the full plank position.


  • Get into a full plank position with your hands under your shoulders and a straight line from your head to your heels
  • Slightly bend your knees and jump to the outside of your elbows, landing in a deep squat position with your knees outside of your elbows
  • Jump back to full plank position; land with slightly bent elbows and softened joints to absorb shock
  • Alternate your right and left sides.

Build strength and flexibility by hopping from side to side.


  • Locked out joints
  • Knees do not get to the outside of your elbows


This exercise drives up the heart rate and trims the waist.



A safe, challenging, and effective method of core conditioning, planking is one of the best ways to get fit and toned. Variations of planks are used across many fitness domains including traditional group exercise, personal training, home workouts, yoga, pilates, barre, CrossFit and more. Not only are planks perfect for crafting six-pack abs, they also target shoulders, pectorals, biceps, triceps, glutes,quads, and hamstrings. They increase the heart rate, offer calorie-busting cardio exercise, and create healthy muscle tone.

Ultimate Plank Fitness features 100 different variations of planks that can be used to customize your workout. Easily increase the difficulty of your core strengthening exercises by adding stability balls, gliders, and weights. Each exercise includes a step-by-step photo demonstration, points of performance, where to engage, along with common faults to detect ways to improve your fitness. Finally, CrossFit coach, personal trainer, and fitness instructor, Jennifer DeCurtins provides you with ten 5-minute workouts incorporating several planks that you can use to target trouble areas and build strength.

With countless variations of the exercise, ranging from traditional planks to side plank variations and planks using external weights or unstable surfaces, your entire workout can be programmed around the plank! Work your way to a healthy core with Ultimate Plank Fitness.